About Us
Oxford Global Exchanges (OGE) is a University of Oxford society that hosts an annual conference, workshops, and exchanges that bring together international leading experts and exceptional students from different disciplines to examine and discuss selected annual themes.
For the academic year of 2019-2020, Oxford Global Exchanges will host an Art and Humanities themed conference for leading experts during Michaelmas Term in October, as well as an Innovation and Leadership exchange for students from different international backgrounds during Hilary Term in February, and bring in a visiting artist in Trinity Term.

OGE strives to contribute to meaningful knowledge exchange between global thinkers and open the dialogue to the Oxford community.
The 2019 OGE conference will be on the theme of Art and Humanities to promote exchanges in the arts in institutions such as higher education and museums.

The Innovation and Leadership Exchange aims to bring together young thinkers to collaboratively think about and discuss how innovation and design thinking can be applied to tackle social issues and benefit society.

Visiting Artists
Annually, we invite a visiting artist to the university to share their work and journey, opening up the interdisciplinary discussions around their art practice and related concepts/research.