About Us
Oxford Global Exchanges (OGE) is a University of Oxford society that hosts an annual conference, workshops, and exchanges that bring together international leading experts and exceptional students from different disciplines to examine and discuss selected annual themes.
This year, Oxford Global Exchanges will host an Art and Humanities themed conference for leading experts, as well as an Art and Design Innovation themed exchange for students from different international backgrounds. 

OGE strives to contribute to meaningful knowledge exchange between global thinkers and open the dialogue to the Oxford community

The 2019 OGE conference will be on the theme of Art and Humanities to promote exchanges in the arts in institutions such as higher education and museums. 

The conference is scheduled for week two of Michaelmas term in Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. Please check back for more information.

OGE organises student exchanges, providing the opportunity for university students cross-nationally to come together to share and discuss their global experiences in the arts and art innovation. The upcoming Art and Design Innovation themed exchange is scheduled for 4th to 17th of August in London and Oxford. Through the series of seminar discussions, workshops, and forums, this exchange aims to increase understanding of art and design related issues that can benefit society and look into the future, through interdisciplinary lenses.