Programmes and Conferences

Our programming activites and conferences welcome all based on the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Events are free for the the public to participate in and aims to reflect the communities we serve. Calling on the wide network of local and international partners to provide meaningful engagements and collaborative projects and programmes.

The programmes and conferences we hosted and are involved in include but are not limited to the following: ​

  • Seminars and talks: we invite senior researchers and practitioners from a range of disciplines to join us to speak about emerging research topics and share interdisciplinary research projects that align with our mandate.
  • International forums: we organise and host conferences at the University of Oxford that bring together international leading experts and exceptional students to examine and discuss selected annual themes.
  • Exchanges: we collaborate with other universities and institutional groups to share local and global perspectives and stimulate discussion, innovation, and creative problem solving on applicable challenges.
  • Social events: we invite activists, academics, artists and students to run activities that engages the local community, such as public issues: gender, inclusion, decolonialisation, and globalisation.
  • Arts events: we actively collaborate with local and international artists to lead and participate in a variety of art events at the University of Oxford, including art exhibitions, film screenings, artist talks, and more.